Today LLVM release 9.0 branched, here’s what changed in a hot-cold map. Click on the diagrams for the interactive view.

Changes in C++ files outside tests

The diagram shows the accumulated changes in C++ files outside tests since Release 8.0 branched on Jan 16, 2019. The size of an arc represents the amount of change in a file/directory relative to its sibling files/directories. The color of an arc indicates the amount of change relative to its line count today. The amount of change is the sum of insertions and deletions.

I generated the diagram with git-baobab a little tool I played around with in spare time during the last months:

$ git clone
$ cd llvm-project
$ git checkout release/9.x
$ git merge-base origin/release/8.x HEAD
$ git baobab 7b5565418f4 --cpp -exclude "/(test|unittest|unittests)/"
Commits 7b5565418f4d..2cf681a11aea
Filter matches 11896 tracked files
4879337 lines today, 707834 lines changed
Export chart to /var/folders/2k/myk8kt8d4f52dzr19331wtxr0000gn/T/tmp1knfujcn.html
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Here are two more examples from the ongoing release.

Changes in CMake files Changes in ExecutionEngine C++ files

The left diagram uses the --cmake flag, which includes CMakeLists.txt files as well as files with .cmake or .in extensions. Speciically for people working with the JIT components of LLVM, the right diagram shows what changed in ExecutionEngine C++ files.