Looking for help with a project that uses LLVM?

As an independent contributor I am actively working on LLVM.

As a freelance developer I help small and mid-size companies to get up to speed with LLVM. Here in Berlin and remote.

I have a track record of remote work with various companies since 2016 and offer flexible conditions to match your demands. Feel free to reach out for questions via email or schedule a video call right away.

Build a solid foundation for your project

  • Evaluate feasibility and estimate efforts early on.
  • Set up build infrastructure for using LLVM, Clang or any other subject.
  • Bring up a test suite to use the LLVM integrated tester for your own project.
  • Port your project to new platforms – why not Windows?

Manage your own changes on LLVM

  • Guidance on maintaining a fork downstream of LLVM.
  • Get in touch with the community and communicate your issues.
  • Represent your point of view and argue for your interests in the community.

Upstream your changes to LLVM

Workshops and trainings on-site or online

  • LLVM upstream development best practices
  • C++, library-based design and error handling in LLVM

Compiler development is the royal discipline of computing. It always demanded the highest skills from its makers and always fascinated me the most as a developer. Compilers are well understood in academics since long, but mainstream implementations were often lacking behind today’s standards – being quirky, proprietary and hard to master.

With the advent of LLVM a lot of this changed and today we have state of the art modular compiler technology right at our fingertips – with a clean three-phase architecture open-source and reusable.

In my spare time I am hacking on compilers and tools and I use this blog to share my experiences. If that meets your own interests please join our LLVM Social Berlin, write an email or catch me on Twitter.